Henle Verlag is a traditional publishing house and can look back on a proud publishing history: last year we celebrated our 70th birthday. But since the digital age has left its mark on us as well, we launched our very successful Henle Library a few years ago, putting almost all our Urtext catalog on iPad and Android tablets. We are also actively sharing Henle news with you on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

But that’s not all! As of today, G. Henle Verlag offers another innovative service: Customers can register to have our scores sent them via WhatsApp. It’s ideal for those on the go who don’t want to lug around a large tablet, and it’s particularly suitable for small volumes of data and poor Internet connection.

In order to accommodate the small smartphone screens, music bars are sent in single characters – so you can comfortably scroll note-by-note through a music piece. Here’s an example:

How often do musicians leave their scores at home and have a smartphone as their only device…Now they can quickly have their parts sent them:

This service is also very useful in a concert. Imagine hearing a questionable note in a piano recital and wanting to check whether the pianist has been playing it right. Just pull out the smartphone (ignoring your neighbours’ dirty looks) and quickly send Henle a WhatsApp:

This new service is not free, but at the outset we are giving away 10 test accounts, each with 50 free score requests. Just send an email to our new Swedish colleague Lirpa Lööf (lirpa.loof@henle.com) and you may just be in luck there!

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2 Responses to »New as of 1 April 2019: Henle scores via WhatsApp«

  1. Tausendsassa says:

    Brilliant! I cannot wait to order Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra in WhatsApp so I can follow the score next time I see it in concert. As an added bonus, the light from my phone screen will help other audience members read their programs and stay awake.

  2. Liz says:

    Good April Fools Day post!! LOL

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